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July 25th National Hire A Veteran Day - HireOurHeroes.com

July 25th National Hire A Veteran Day - HireOurHeroes.com

July 25th is National Hire a Veteran Day founded by HireOurHeroes.com.  Every day, hundreds of our military personnel leave the service in search of civilian employment. #HireAVeteranDay reminds employers to consider veterans to fill their open positions. As highly trained, qualified individuals, they are ideal for numerous trades.

Many skills gained in the military world transfer to the civilian world. Both small and large businesses benefit from the talent of our veterans. Regardless of the position, find qualified candidates in a range of fields. Veterans can search through employers looking to hire veterans to fill various roles throughout the country. Veterans can create a “Job Seeker Profile” and upload their resume.

The following employers have earned the prestigious designation as              "Hire Our Heroes Certified Employers":

These employers have demonstrated the value Veterans bring to the workforce and the positive impact hiring Veterans brings to the community and their customers.  Their commitment proves Veterans continue to play an essential role in building of a competent and successful workforce. 

Hire Our Heroes Veteran Job Board is the #1 destinations for Veterans looking for employment. The best way to honor a Veteran is to hire one!