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U.S. Security Associates, Inc.

Security Service Careers at U.S. Security Associates

There are many opportunities at U.S. Security Associates for rewarding careers in the security industry. The distinction between “security careers” and “security jobs” is important. It goes right to the heart of what’s different about our security company. Our people are different. The mindset is different.

There are plenty of minimum-wage “security jobs” out there with no benefits or future, available to job-seekers with no training or qualifications. Getting one of those security jobs is easier than starting a career with U.S. Security Associates. We conduct full background investigations, including authorization to work in the U.S., education verification, employment references, and criminal record checks. We drug test. We interview. We train and train and train, and then we train more.

By the time we assign a security officer to a site, we have made a significant investment in that person – in background screening fees, training expenses, uniform costs and administrative time. Employing that person long-term is in our best interest, and it’s in the best interest of our clients, who want familiar faces, site knowledge and experience in their security programs.

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies, healthcare institutions, schools and universities, government facilities, retail locations and others who expect career-caliber security professionals. Within our dynamic account portfolio, there are work environments and assignments to suit every personality from the introvert to the extrovert and all points in between. Our employee selection and security officer training programs are designed to match career-seekers to positions that resonate with their personal strengths and characteristics. We believe this is key to employee satisfaction, longevity and excellence.