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College Church Corporation (Intersections International)

Intersections International leads people to unite across lines of difference in mutual pursuit of social justice, globally and locally. We create safe space at the crossroads of some of our world’s most critical conflicts, engaging dissimilar communities in dialogue, service, advocacy and artistic expression. Together, we work toward a just world—united in diversity.  For more information visit us at www.intersections.org.

About Collegiate Church Corporation
Collegiate Church Corporation is part of Collegiate Church, the oldest Protestant Church in North America with a continuous ministry since 1628.  It has ministered under three flags – Dutch, English, and American.  It is affiliated with the Reformed Church in America.  The Collegiate Church maintains four places of worship under the care of one Consistory – Fort Washington, Marble, Middle and West End Churches.  It operates under a charter granted in 1696 by King William III of England acting upon a petition for religious freedom.  The charter was confirmed in 1753 by the legislature of the colony of New York and continued in force by the Constitution of the State of New York.