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Thorpe Energy Services

Thorpe Energy Services delivers energy efficiency program implementation while utilizing the extensive expertise of our leadership team and staff. Based on the Thorpe Services model, we continue to utilize and expand on the expertise of a growing leadership team and staff to provide agencies, corporations, homeowners, investors, proprietors, and government entities with product, personnel and process solutions, superior workmanship and professionalism.

We maintain a network of quality weatherization auditors and crews to provide off-site and local solutions to meet varied program requirements. Together with strong administrative support, we provide field coordination services, outreach and canvassing, direct install for residential, multifamily, commercial & industrial, rebate processing, call center services, as well as auditing for residential, multifamily, commercial & industrial organizations.

Thorpe Energy Services partners with utility companies, government agencies, consumer organizations and commercial entities across the country to provide comprehensive energy efficiency programs and services. Thorpe Energy Services is a nationally certified minority company with corporate offices in Indianapolis, Indiana.