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Tips to build confidence and reduce veteran job interview stress

Tips to build confidence and reduce veteran job interview stress

Finding veteran jobs can be one stressful affair and can bring anyone to the verge of giving up. It is natural to get anxious or nervous before or during the interview. How you present yourself for the interview can create a first impression that can determine your success. Dressing appropriately and mastering the ability to communicate your skill set effectively is very critical. Here are tips to build confidence and reduce stress at job interviews.

1. Before the interview

Every interview is different. Some are done in person, others by a group of interviewers, and some are conducted virtually. Whatever the format, the interviewer wants to learn something about you, besides what is in your resume. It also gives you the chance to learn about the company.

a. Research

Visit the company’s website to get an overview of the firm and the job you are applying for. Also look for other publications and go through the company’s annual report to learn more about it.

b. Review your resume

Prepare to talk about the accomplishments you have stated in your resume. Think about the unstated successes in your previous positions so that you can highlight them in the interview.

c. Rehearse

Anticipate the possible questions that the interviewer might ask and try answering them before a friend. This is an excellent way to rehearse and include all significant points in preparation for the real interview.

2. During the interview

This is an opportunity to demonstrate that your abilities are what the company wants.

a. Arrive early

Don’t be late for the interview because that might paint a bad picture. 

b. Dress well

Dress decently in clothes that are not too flashy or too revealing. Sit comfortably and maintain good posture.

c. Avoid distractions

Switch your phone off. Listen carefully to the questions asked and seek clarifications when you don’t understand.

3. After the interview

Follow up verbally to show the company that you are proactive and interested in the job.

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