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Apprenticeship Program in Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama to Help Transitioning Military Vets

Apprenticeship Program in Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama to Help Transitioning Military Vets

Hamilton-Ryker's new division, TalentGro, was created to provide solutions to the nation-wide problem of the skills gap. The division received their first approval in Kentucky four months ago and has now received approval from the state of Tennessee. TalentGro is also working in Mississippi and Alabama to develop tailored apprenticeship programs to meet those states' Workforce Development needs.  

"TalentGro will serve as an intermediary for companies of all sizes to offer Registered Apprenticeships with the ultimate goal of ensuring the workforce is trained on the skills and knowledge needed to meet the employers' goals," says Chief Operating Officer, Shari Franey, who led the creation of the Division. 

TalentGro aims to fill apprenticeships with transitioning military, veterans, and their families. By utilizing this approach, TalentGro hopes to reduce costs to employers.  Military personnel typically meet the requirements for receiving federal aid for education and training, and some will qualify to receive Basic Allowance for Housing.  TalentGro participated in a military job fair held in Lewisburg, TN to explain apprenticeships and their benefits to Fort Campbell personnel and their families.   

Greg Lowe, Director of Economic Development for the City of Lewisburg said, "We are grateful for organizations like TalentGro that can provide our military families with paths to employment. Apprenticeships will benefit everyone involved – employers will get the skilled employees they need and our workforce will have opportunities for family-sustainable paying careers."

TalentGro offers other services such as Virtual Reality Forklift Training and Assessment, Soft Skills Training, and other types of ancillary training.  TalentGro is Hamilton-Ryker's newest of five divisions, all of which work cohesively to meet the workforce and human resource needs of both employers and those seeking employment. Find out more at www.talentgro.com .