Tool Room Clerk

  • Aviation Institute of Maintenance
  • Houston, TX, USA
  • Dec 07, 2018

Job Description

Job Description

Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) - Our Company commenced operations in 1969 and the first aviation maintenance campus opened in 1992 in Norfolk, VA. All AIM schools are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Over the past 25 years, this group of schools has expanded to eleven campuses throughout the country in locations such as: Las Vegas, Nevada; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Kansas City, Missouri; Houston, Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana, and the metro areas of San Francisco, California; Orlando, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Washington, DC; and Virginia Beach, Virginia, where our corporate offices are also located.

At AIM we are committed to the training and personal enrichment of each student. We are always looking for qualified and experienced individuals for our schools, and currently have an opening for a Tool Room Clerk (evening shift) at our Houston, TX campus.


  • Assemble and issue tools and materials required for class projects. Record what was issued, and to which person. Record the return of tools and materials.
  • Generate a “Lost Tool Report” to record any tools that were not returned during that shift, and submit to the Director of Education.
  • Maintain a tool inspection and safety program to ensure that all tools issued are safe for use.
  • Maintain control over all broken tools, and report broken tools to the Director of Education.
  • Maintain an inspection and calibration program for all precision measuring devices and other tools requiring calibration. This activity may include SimCal (simulated calibration) system for tools used exclusively for class projects, but not used on live aircraft.
  • Perform routine maintenance, and required calibration, on training equipment to ensure safety and proper operation. Maintain records of calibration and maintenance.
  • Verify that there are adequate numbers of tools and training equipment to accomplish class projects, and report anticipated shortages to the Director of Education prior to the shortage occurring.
  • Verify that supplies and materials are present, and in place for required class projects, report any shortages to the Director of Education prior to the module start.
  • Assist in sourcing and purchasing support tools, equipment, and materials for class and special project needs.
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA and other workplace safety regulatory agencies.
  • Ensures facilities maintenance as required.
  • Participate in facility and equipment maintenance activities.


  • High School Diploma or GED, or equitable on-the-job experience.
  • At least three years in a position requiring use of hand tools and equipment similar to that found in an aircraft repair shop. Special consideration will be given to mechanics with prior aviation experience.
  • Facilities maintenance experience is a plus

If you have such prior experience and meet the above qualifications, then call me at (713)-644-7777, and ask to speak to C. E. Aiken. Telephone me first! We need to hire someone that can readily communicate over the phone and is a good leader.