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Newspaper Carrier Independent Contractor

  • Nevada News Group
  • Carson City, NV, USA
  • Aug 02, 2020

Job Description

Extra Cash!
Immediate Openings!
Earn extra cash as an Independent Contractor, delivering the Nevada Appeal every Wednesday and Saturday morning (12am-7am). Must have reliable transportation, drivers license, vehicle registration, insurance and social security card to contract for any routes.

Duties and Responsibilities

Deliver Newspapers

The primary duty of a newspaper carrier is daily newspaper delivery to customers, which may include retailers, institutions, and individual customers. A newspaper carrier may also be tasked with stocking newspaper boxes for the day. These deliveries tend to occur early in the morning to ensure that retailers receive their daily allotment of newspapers for resale and individual customers receive their newspapers before leaving the house for work or school.

Assemble and Display Newspapers

In some cases, newspaper carriers assemble and bag newspapers prior to delivery. This requires an even earlier start, as newspapers may be delivered directly to a carrier’s home unassembled and need to be sorted and prepared for delivery. Additionally, newspaper carriers may be responsible for placing newspapers in retail displays at a customer’s location.

Load and Unload Vehicles

A newspaper carrier is also responsible for loading and unloading their vehicle at the distribution center. This may mean loading several bundles of newspapers at the start of the day and offloading unsold and returned inventory at the end of the shift. This aspect of the role requires the ability to lift somewhat heavy loads and pack the delivery vehicle so that newspapers are easily accessible at each stop on the delivery route.

Route Planning

While most newspaper carriers have set daily routes, they are ultimately responsible for planning their daily rounds and determining the most efficient way to distribute newspapers. Newspaper carriers review their routes and expected delivery time frames to determine the proper order of deliveries and anticipate potential delays. This requires extensive familiarity with the delivery area, as well as the ability to plan a route and make changes along the way to prevent delays.

Collecting Payment

Some newspaper carriers collect customer payment, particularly from retail store customers. While this may not be a requirement of newspaper carriers working for a larger corporation, many small-town newspapers and certain regions task their newspaper carriers with collecting and recording payments from delivery customers and sending checks to accounts receivable departments for processing.

Receiving Unsold Newspapers

In addition to delivering the day’s papers, a newspaper carrier is also responsible for collecting unsold papers from customers and returning them to the distribution center. This requires excellent record-keeping, since the newspaper carrier needs to note the number of newspapers initially delivered, collected, and returned, as well as any credit toward future orders that the newspaper or distributor allows based on returns.

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