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Hydroelectric Plant Operator - Bryon Location

  • California Department of Water Resources
  • Sacramento, CA, USA
  • Mar 26, 2020

Job Description

THIS EXAM IS NOW GIVEN ON-LINE - Final Filing Date:  Continuous
Who should apply:  Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications as stated may apply for and take this examination.
Once you have taken this examination, you may not retake it for nine (9) months.

All applicants must meet the education and/or experience requirements as stated to be accepted into the examination.  Part-time or full-time jobs, regardless of whether paid or volunteer positions, and inside or outside California state service will count toward experience.

Special Testing Arrangements:
If you require assistance or alternate testing arrangements due to a disability, please contact the testing department listed in the Contact Information section.

All applicants must meet the education and/or experience requirements as stated to be accepted into the examination.  Part-time or full-time jobs, regardless of whether paid or volunteer positions, and inside or outside California state service will count toward experience.

Either I
Completion of a recognized apprenticeship as a hydroelectric plant operator. (Apprentices who are within six months of completion of their apprenticeship may be admitted to the examination, but they must present evidence of completion of their apprenticeship before they may be appointed).

Experience: Either

     1. One year of experience in the California state service performing the duties of a Hydroelectric Plant Operator Assistant
         and successful completion of the Hydroelectric Plant Operator Assistant training program of the Department of Water
         Resources.  OR

     2. Two years of experience in the California state service performing the duties of a Junior Hydroelectric Plant Operator.

     3. Two years of operations experience in one or a combination of the following:  hydroelectric generating plants; large (at least 25,000 hp) pumping plants; high voltage switching and clearances in large (at least 100 mw) steam plants. (Experience in substations or switching yards of at least 230 kv may be substituted for one year of the required experience.)

A Hydroelectric Plant Operator, under supervision, to operate and control aqueduct facilities and hydroelectric generating and pumping plants; and to do other related work.

Operates pumps, generators, auxiliaries, switches, valves, aqueduct facilities, and turnouts from unit control panels, plant control rooms or remotely from control centers; monitors or operates a digital process controller for actual control and/or optimization of plant and aqueduct output and flow; performs, either manually or remotely, high voltage switching within an operating zone; keeps log records of operations and readings; implements power, water, and pumping schedules and makes power and water calculations as required; assists the Senior Hydroelectric Plant Operator in all phases of system-wide operations; prepares and places clearance tags, verifies protection, and issues clearances; familiarizes himself with all code and switching orders and operating and safety procedures in order to take prompt and appropriate action to meet any operating emergency; trains and supervises Junior Hydroelectric Plant Operators and Hydroelectric Plant Operator Assistants in manual and remote operation; maintains constant communication with dispatchers in Sacramento, and other zone control centers.

This examination consists of the following components:

Training and Experience Evaluation - Weighted 100% of the final score.
The examination will consist solely of a Training and Experience Evaluation.  To obtain a position on the eligible list, a minimum score of 70% must be received.  Applicants will receive their score upon completion of the Training and Experience Evaluation process.

In addition to evaluating applicants' relative knowledge, skills, and ability, as demonstrated by quality and breadth of education and/or experience, emphasis in each exam component will be measured competitively, relative job demands, each applicant's:

Knowledge of:
1. Functional characteristics of generating and pumping units and auxiliary machinery, busses, switches control circuits, valves, checks, reservoirs, spillways, metering and other water control devices.
2. Fundamentals of electricity, hydraulics and hydrology.

Ability to:
1. Read and write English at a level required for successful job performance.
2. Operate manual and automate control systems.
3. Instruct and supervise unskilled assistants.

A departmental, open eligible list for the HEP Operator classification will be established for: Department of Water Resources.

The names of successful competitors will be merged onto the eligible list in order of final score regardless of exam date.  Eligibility expires twelve (12) months after it is established.  Applicants must then retake the examination to reestablish eligibility.

Veterans' Preference will be granted for this exam.  In accordance with Government Codes 18973.1 and 18973.5, whenever any veteran, or widow or widower of a veteran achieves a passing score on an open examination, he or she shall be ranked in the top rank of the resulting eligible list.

Veterans status is verified by the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR).  Information on this program and the Veterans' Preference Application (STD. 1093) is available online. Additional information on veteran benefits is available at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Here is a list of suggested resources to have available prior to taking the exam:
Employment History - Employment dates, job titles, organization names and addresses, names of supervisors or persons who can verify your job responsibilities, and phone numbers of persons listed above.
Education - School names and addresses, degrees earned, dates attended, courses taken (verifiable on a transcript), persons or office who can verify education, and phone numbers of persons or offices listed above.
Training - Class titles, certifications received, names of persons who can verify your training, and phone numbers of persons listed above.

If you have any technical questions concerning this examination bulletin, please contact:
California Department of Human Resources
Attn: Examination Services
1515 S Street
Sacramento, CA  95811
Phone: 1-866-844-8671
California Relay Service: 1-800-735-2929 (TTY), 1-800-735-2922 (Voice)
TTY is a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf, and is reachable only from phones equipped with a TTY Device.

If you have any administrative questions concerning this examination bulletin, including provisions of reasonable accommodation for this testing process, please contact:
Department of Water Resources
Phone:  916-653-4838

Examinations will be administered for the following counties: Butte, Contra Costa, Merced, Kern or Los Angeles. Please indicate on the Examination Application (Form STD 678 Rev. 7/2019), under Question 1, the county where you would like to take the examination.  We're advertising for Contra Costa county as Delta Field Division is located in Byron, but we're on the boarder of Contra Costa, Alameda, and San Joaquin counties, which is why we're advertising in so many areas.

The link to take the exam online is located in the bulletin.
To view a copy of this bulletin for complete details, please visit DWR current exams:

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