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Product. Resource Specialist 2 - Sac City, Carroll area

  • Smithfield Foods
  • Algona, IA 50511, USA
  • Jan 25, 2020

Job Description

Summary:  Territory Managers Assistants provide ongoing production consultation and advice to ensure the company’s animals are properly cared for and provide hands-on, technical support to contract growers, independent contractors, and other production sites overseeing and managing the care of Murphy Brown pigs.

After initial training program, this position will work within a team, but have individual responsibility, for ensuring that company standard operating procedures are communicated and implemented so that the company can continue to lead in producing high-quality pork products while protecting the environment and promoting animal welfare …

Tasks and Responsibilities: 

  • Communicate and enforce expectations based on contractual obligations and regulations
  • Report monthly/quarterly on status of financial data, key performance indicators (actual vs. budget), and key projects to operations and upper management.
  • Understanding underlying constraints and utilizing data according to continuous improvement standards to help our producers improve.
  • Use of computerized data analysis to systematically review and understand production financial and system throughput.
  • Provide production consultation to growers, independent contractors and other production sites; that   creates expectations, monitors progress, and evaluates their results.
  • Plans routine activities to efficiently prioritize and fulfill all essential functions at employee managed sites. (i.e.:  Scheduling of routines – vaccinations, load outs, weekly schedules, including 2 week schedule)
  • Perform any and all tasks of site manager job description, including load outs, load ins, vaccinations, etc. when short-staffed.
  • Work with Marketing Department to ensure farms are operating at maximum capacity and assist in coordinating animal transport (placement and sales)
  • Ensure sites are properly prepared for pig placement and bring start up supplies with scripts as needed
  • To produce the highest quality pork while protecting the environment and promoting animal welfare; Ensure facilities are kept orderly and in proper working condition and create work orders where applicable 
  • Follow MB animal well-being policies and procedures including providing a physical environment that meets the animals needs, providing access to adequate water and high quality feed, providing humane treatment of the animals, providing identification and appropriate treatment of animals in need of health care and following the guidelines for euthanasia as outlined in the NPB publication, “On Farm Euthanasia of Swine – Options for the Producer”
  • Working with Territory Manager, ensure that sites are in compliance with all environmental laws and procedures to which MB subscribes
  • Assures manure handling policies & procedures are followed
  • Read and understand the company’s emergency notification process and will be responsible for reviewing that policy at their work site
  • Teach and follow all applicable Standard Operating Procedures
  • Responsible for all training and continuous improvements required for the Site Manager Position
  • Responsible for the supervision and development of 10 – 20 contract growers, ICs or employees
  • Responsible for understanding all safety requirements of the job and for performing the job in compliance with the safety requirements
  • Oversee weekly and monthly safety trainer reports at employee managed sites
  • Oversee safety inspections and train as needed at employee managed sites
  • Practices and maintains health rules and bio-security measures as outlined by company policy and the Antibiotic Policy.  Regularly inspects all animals in their area for clinical signs of disease or other health related problems and ensures required medication is used correctly and in a timely manner.  Communicates health status to Territory Manager
  • Responsible for employee annual appraisals and complete employee’s goal reviews every 6 months
  • Disciplinary actions for employee’s with the help of Territory Manager for the 2nd written and final written
  • Communicates to Human Resource and to Territory Manager concerning personnel issues including, but not limited to hiring, termination, worker safety, and performance
  • Verify payroll timecards which includes employees clocking in, clocking out and turning in cards
  • Responsible for accurate production data, including accurate and timely collection and reporting
  • Works weekend and/or holidays only if short staffed
  • Be in contact with Territory Manager about all happenings in the territory (good or bad) on a weekly basis
  • Be able to fill out all required paper work in the territory