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Bakery Plant Material Handler - Wilson NC

  • Smithfield Foods
  • Wilson, NC, USA
  • Jun 25, 2019

Job Description


Trained to operate powered industrials vehicles for transporting, loading, and unloading both raw material and finished product in the bakery meal production process.  Expected to carry out job tasks to assure compliance with established procedures relative to quality, productivity and safety.

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Follows standard operating instructions/procedures in the performance of all duties, including inspection and safe operation of powered industrial vehicles, housekeeping, and inventory management.
  • Operates powered industrial vehicles in all areas.
  • Regulates blending of materials as instructed to ensure attainment of specified product consistency and moisture.
  • Assists with inventory.
  • Perform assigned housekeeping duties.  Takes initiative to assist other workers to maintain and ensure the orderliness and housekeeping of all areas of the plant.
  • Spot trailers for unloading.
  • Unload both bulk and palletized trailers.
  • Acquires and maintains necessary certifications (weigh master, fork lift, articulated loader, skid steer, tractor, etc.).
  • Performing all work tasks in a manner consistent with the site’s Environmental Management System Policy to include:
    • Following all established environmental policies and procedures;
    • Reporting all environmental issues immediately to their supervisor;
    • Understanding the EMS Policy and the Significant Aspects Related to their job; and,
    • Understanding the proper steps to follow in the event of an environmental emergency.
  • Operates equipment in a safe manner so as to protect the assets of the company and reduce risks to other workers.
  • Maintains personal safety as well as the safety of other workers by taking an active role in the Smithfield Injury Prevention System (SIPS).  This will include:
    • Understanding the need for and participating in all scheduled SIPS safety training and safety related competency development activities.
    • Providing feedback on SIPS training and competency needs as requested by the Safety Manager or other members of management.
    • Understanding and conforming with the safety policy; safety related legal and other requirements; and, site specific safety and health rules, regulations, standard operating procedures and other operational controls as they relate to their job responsibilities.
    • Reporting unsafe conditions or observed SIPS non-conformances.
    • Understanding and executing required duties under the site’s emergency response and notification procedures.
    • Immediately reporting any work-related incident which results in, or which could have resulted in, injury, illness, or property damage.
    • Understanding the location’s safety objectives that relate to their job responsibilities.
    • Providing recommendations to management for continual improvement and injury prevention.
    • Where appropriate, volunteering and participating in SIPS activities.
  • Performs other duties as defined by manager/shift supervisor.