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Staff Engineer - Frontend

  • Wayfair
  • Berlin, Germany
  • May 11, 2019

Job Description

Who We Are:

We're a high-leverage team of experienced frontend engineers that embraces startup culture as we serve hundreds of developers within Wayfair, whom we consider our customers. We are vocal internal advocates for testing, pragmatism, community, and the immense benefits of a low-friction environment.
We build out all of our features using React with Redux and GraphQL, and a custom Sass framework that handles theming for our six brands and three international sites across all platforms.

What You’ll Do:

  • Embed on a rotating basis with various product teams throughout the organization to create a culture of quality via coaching, pair programming, design sessions, and code review
  • Author and contribute to internal libraries that emphasize intuitive interfaces and composability
  • Employ frontend industry best practices with regard to web standards, component breakdown, accessibility, cross-device design and code considerations, page rendering, and browser performance.
  • Leverage self-directed time to invest in the platform, yourself, and the open source community
How You’ll Make an Impact:
  • Enable literally thousands of developers to build better products
  • Write code that is seen by millions of customers a day
  • Partner with engineering teams to promote engineering best practices and help grow junior developers
  • Use your expertise to guide developers towards idiomatic solutions
Recent projects:

Awesome Learning

Team-based, self-directed learning tracks for tech mastery built around deliberate practice.

Casepack Architecture Review

Technical design for an internal wizard developed by a full-stack team.

SSR Application Wrapper

Adding application-level features to server-side rendered pages previously required changes to the rendering server. This API allows us to extend directly from the application space without touching the server.

Isomorphic Module Loading

Enabling developers to load features of the React Application on-demand in both the client and server(node) environment, seamlessly.

Recent Wayfair Tech Blog posts:

The Python platform team at Wayfair has been applying this model for a year with great success. We’re looking for engineers to help us drive similar results in the frontend space.

What you’ll Need:

  • Deep knowledge of JavaScript and its ecosystem
  • Experience developing large React applications
  • A strong sense of ownership within your domain, and a desire to have agency in
  • A humble learner’s mind with an eagerness for teaching and being taught
  • A sense of gratification from helping others
  • Degree in computer science, computer graphics, or digital arts-related program with relevant industry experience, OR equivalent industry experience