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The RIO Group

Since 1997, The RIO Group Partners (who originally founded The Recruiter Academy), have helped thousands of corporate recruitment professionals from over 3000 companies develop innovative, cost effective recruitment solutions for today's talent-driven marketplace. We help organizations that don't have the time and/or expertise to meet their current hiring demands.

This unique experience has provided us with a strong understanding of what challenges corporations face identifying and recruiting top talent.

Utilizing this experience, we have created a suite of unique, proactive recruitment services that will allow you to:
• Improve quality of hire.
• Develop talent pipelines and communities of passive candidates for critical to fill, difficult to fill, and highly visible positions.
• Reduce time-to-fill and migrate towards a Just-In-Time hiring model.
• Quantify the resources required to meet hiring objectives.
• Provide competitive intelligence to manage search expectations, educate your customers on their competitors, labor market, etc.