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Barbier Security Group

Barbier Security Group offers clients the highest quality security services available. We have solved security issues for a range of clients including corporations, non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and individuals.

Our highly trained team of former law enforcement, military and security professionals is state certified and has passed our rigorous background screening process. They continually update and adapt their skills to ensure the utmost professional safety and courtesy to our clients. Training scenarios with local law enforcement agencies create a strong bond between the officers and our agents.

BSG services and scheduling are entirely flexible. Highly detailed reports are issued regularly. Clients' feedback has shown our on-site services to be very effective in areas that frequently receive unwanted persons and vandalism.

True to the concept of full spectrum security, every assignment is carefully planned to give you the most complete coverage possible. You can be sure that BSG will deliver the best level of service for your security budget.