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Whelan Security

Whelan’s Event Services Division provides a full array of event staffing and crowd management services including ushers, ticket takers, crowd control professionals, guest services, and parking attendants to a variety of high-profile venues including:
  • Professional sporting events
  • College sporting events
  • Concerts and music festivals
  • Presidential debates and political rallies
  • Corporate board and shareholder meetings
  • Conferences and conventions
  • Dignitary visits
  • Awards shows and ceremonies
  • Local, regional, and national fairs
  • Special events

Whelan has provided event staffing service to many major events and venues throughout the country including several NFL teams, MLB games (including teams, the World Series, and MLB All-Star games), major golf tournaments (including the PGA Championship, American Express Championship, and LPGA golf tournaments), the NCAA Final Four Basketball Championships, major college sporting events and venues, Republican National Conventions, Democratic National Conventions, Presidential Debates and visits, Papal visits, and numerous conventions, conferences, concerts, theatrical shows, ceremonies, parades, and festivals.

Our Event Services Division is designed to provide a higher quality option compared to other traditional event service providers. The program includes a fully automated recruiting and hiring process managed through our Talent Management System, customer service assessment testing, extensive background screening, and a customized training program specific to each event or venue.  These training programs include an emphasis on customer service, techniques for effective alcohol management (TEAM) where applicable, and NFL Best Practices.

In addition to staffing services, Whelan can provide consulting services related to event planning, crowd management, threat assessments, and crisis response.