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What do you bring to the table? This is a question that I ask frequently to prospective candidates and is a relatively common question in most professional interviews. I am passionate about issues, creative when it comes to problem-solving, upbeat and enthusiastic. Lastly, I am one of those people that you want to meet on your way to work in the morning. Why? Well, because I say good morning with a smile every day no matter the circumstances even if I didn't get my cup of coffee. I am all about relationship building. When the candidate is smiling and feeling comfortable they tend to be more forthcoming about their background and this allows for a more engaging conversation, which ultimately leads to a clearer decision as to whether they are a good fit for the job. My passion as a Talent Acquisition Specialist is to develop teams of pioneers to provide exceptional service that empower organizations to achieve their highest level of performance. My enthusiastic drive to be the best at what I do has most recently taken me into the bilingual sector where my skills combined with the power of passionate leadership, focus on the end goal, bigger picture forecasting, and a data-driven approach translates into driving recruits that supply high-quality service to thousands of customers. What do I bring to the table? A smile, a lot of enthusiasm and the willingness to make a difference in the world.