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Pennoni Associates

Pennoni Associates has many faces. We are an engineering and design consulting firm with over four decades of experience and a portfolio of projects from which we receive much gratification as professionals. We are a  firm with a solid foundation of long-term clients who we value and consider part of the Pennoni family. We are a business with a social conscience, one that gives back to the community with time, talents, and financial support, working with several organizations that improve the quality of life for our fellow citizens. We are a champion of the environment, working with our clients on sustainable and “green” solutions that will take us into the future while preserving our natural resources. We are proud of our work, we are proud of our employees and the professional services that we provide, and we are excited for you to see all the dimensions of Pennoni Associates.

We believe in developing talents and helping individuals reach their fullest potentials in their engineering career. Let us help you develop professionally as we grow together as a team, as a Company