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Impres Technology Solutions

IMPRES Technology Solutions, Inc. deploys information technology solutions and professional services to the Federal Government. For over a decade, we proudly serve the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and Civilian Agencies with a broad portfolio of OEM products and a full array of services.
VALUE ADDED INTEGRATOR – IMPRES has formed an ecosystem of the industry’s leading technology providers to supply its customers with superior products tailored to their specific program requirements. Our proficient staff coordinates every aspect of the design and deployment while working directly with engineers and procurement staff to provide an optimized solution at the best value.
CYBER SECURITY SPECIALIST – The war of the next generation will include a new theatre of operations – the internet. In fact, this war has already begun. Today, government agencies and corporate
entities experience the onslaught of cyber attackers resolute in either crippling an infrastructure or exfiltrating sensitive information. IMPRES understands this battlespace and arms its customers with
cutting-edge technology solutions and skilled personnel trained to protect their networks.
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES – IMPRES provides a full array of IT professional services from SMB to full enterprise-level markets. Staffed with a force of the industry’s most innovative minds, IMPRES
provides such services as network infrastructure and security assessments, training, project management, network consolidation and virtualization deployments, hardware/software installation/
integration, and maintenance. With their facility’s cleared personnel, IMPRES can implement their unparalleled skill-set into the most sensitive corners of the government.
• Performance And Vulnerability Assessments
• Software Development
• Network Design And Development
• Network Consolidation And Virtualization
• Network Management
• Solution Installation/Integration, & Maintenance