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GreatCall Inc.

Since its founding in 2006, San Diego-based GreatCall, Inc. has become the nationwide leader in wireless health and safety services for older consumers; helping keep seniors active, independent, and connected to their families. Through rapid innovation focused on helping seniors, GreatCall has expanded Jitterbug to become a mobile health platform that provides customers with access to nurses, doctors, emergency concierge (PERS), medication adherence programs, clinically proven brain games to improve mental acuity, wellness coaching, and much more. As a leader in simple design that considers the effects of aging, GreatCall has delivered these services in an easy-to-use platform that sits in the palm of your hand. GreatCall has followed up on the success of Jitterbug by launching 5star, one of the first mobile medical alarms, and by creating a suite of apps for Android and iPhone that help older consumers. GreatCall’s Urgent Care app has regularly been the #1 medical app in the Apple App Store. GreatCall’s relentless commitment to helping seniors has allowed the company to grow from startup to hundreds of employees in less than 7 years.