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Great leadership changes everything.

But what does a truly great leader look like? And how do you find them?

TitanHouse is a highly disruptive startup that uses analytics and advanced research to identify the world’s most talented and effective executive leaders, whom we call “Titans."‚Äč Titans are selected on very strict criteria and cannot join TitanHouse if they don’t meet our qualifications. Only between one and two percent of business leaders in the USA and Canada qualify as a Titan. Our curators and research analysts build detailed profiles of each Titan and algorithms are used to rank and match Titans to the right job, board or consulting opportunity.

TitanHouse will be used by high-end executive recruiters, private equity firms and companies looking for extraordinary executives who can take their organization to new heights. Customers will also use TitanHouse to find board members, consultants and advisors.

The exceptional leaders profiled in TitanHouse will be active participants in the TitanHouse network. Through a simple portal on the platform and through very exclusive events, they will meet other Titans and tap into the brainpower of the world's smartest executives.

Titans will also manage their own profiles, informing the network about what type of jobs, board positions or consulting engagements they may be interested in.

This is only the initial plan and vision for TitanHouse -- there is much more to come.