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Thomasson Global Consultants

Thomasson Global Consultants, LLC, (TGC), is a full service consulting practice that is the first and only company to bring together Security Solutions and Crisis Communication under one roof. Combining the need for security with the candor and sophistication of controlling the message is what makes us different.

Traditionally security and communications during a crisis are handled by two competing forces. Security, whether it is physical, personal or both, often has far reaching implications for a client’s reputation as well. That is why we formed a company that deals with both security and crisis communications.

Our experts have operated domestically and overseas providing solutions to various security and law enforcement challenges for the Federal Government, controlling both the message and the mission in major crises.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients include;
• Law Enforcement departments and individual officers/agents.
• Manufacturers, Wholesalers and retailers in the firearms industry.
• Heads of corporations and high net worth individuals.
• Trade associations.
• Service and training providers and the United States government.
• Colleges and universities.
• Individuals looking to mitigate negative media.
• Those who are interested in conducting due diligence investigations of future perspective investments.

We continue to operate as a boutique agency offering personally designed services to discerning clients, celebrities, small businesses and major corporations.