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Elite Line Services

Our first BHS and PBB maintenance contract was established 1994, and since that time our services have made us the top choice for Airport Authorities, Airlines, Terminal Consortiums and Cities who appreciate the benefits in outsourcing. ELS represents the best combination of quality, experience and value added services available in the airport equipment maintenance industry and our specialized programs assert leadership through pride of ownership, attention to detail, lower total cost of ownership and a dedication to customer satisfaction. ELS is a single source solution that is paving the way for operations and maintenance in the airport services industry and the provision of the highest level of customer service possible.

ELS programs continually refine the approach to maintenance to not only keep the equipment in an exceptionally high state of availability, but also analyze opportunities that improve operational efficiencies to reduce wear and tear and lower parts replacement factors. We have accumulated extensive experience within a network of over 60 diverse airport equipment programs that are inclusive of many large volume International Airports.  This background provides a large pool of maintenance data to benchmark O&M performance against equivalent airport operations around North America. We are completely committed to our core business of airport facility equipment O&M and this strict business philosophy has resulted in the award of business at the largest airports in the US and where the pressure to perform at the highest level is a constant requirement. Many of our individual airport maintenance programs span more than 10 years and we lead the industry in contract renewals and extensions.