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Beacon Staffing Alternatives, Inc.

Beacon Staffing Alternatives is a privately held, 100% women owned

strategic staffi ng organization and is a leader in quality

Light Industrial, Manufacturing, Information Technology,

Human Resources, and Administrative Staffi ng. We provide

the full range of staffi ng solutions, from temporary &

contractual staffi ng, to direct hire. Beacon Staffing has been servicing

clients in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel, Harford, Baltimore,

and Cecil County for over twenty f ve years. Beacon Staffing

Alternatives provides our clients with a dedicated and

experienced staff built on a reputation of Quality, Integrity

and Reliability. This is more than just another statement

from another staffi ng service, it is our philosophy. We provide

individual attention to your company needs, guide you

through the staffi ng process, and demonstrate outstanding

customer service.