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Stephen Group International

Stephen Group International is the premier security firm for upscale events, estate, industrial and executive protection, as well as hotel and mall safety.

It was formed to change the security industry, to provide clients with a sound proactive investment with regards to protection of their person and property.

Our DESIRE is to help you the client, be without concern when it comes to issues of security, our GOAL is to confound expectation when it comes to contract security.

With a foundation established for High Volume Patronage, Presence and Deterrence and a proactive approach towards Customer Service, Stephen Group International tailors its program to meet the individual needs of the client. 

We at Stephen Group International look forward to discussing your organizations security needs for hard and or soft uniformed security agents, be it on a permanent or contingent basis. 

Please feel free to contact us at 1-253-861-5570 or JSTEPHEN@USA.COM if we may answer any questions. 

For your security concerns, "WE ARE THE RESOLUTION."

*DON’T FORGET ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL EVENTS TEAM – STEPHEN GROUP INTERNATIONAL maintains a specific team of security agents for special events, with the finest customer service and presence for your CROWD MANAGEMENT needs.