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Rhino Pro

  • JOB DESCRIPTION: (several skills will be acquired during training -  not prerequisite)
    • Identify, acquire, manage, and maintain dealer relationship.
    • Prep all spraying surfaces, ie.: truck beds, flat beds, trailers etc.:
    • Apply spray-on bed liner
    • Identify issues, if any, with final product prior to delivery of vehicle or item to the dealer.
    • Move non-company dealer vehicles on and off lot as needed
    • Inventory Control– receive, manage, report, and reorder
    • Send complete work orders – per vehicle
      • Form provided by corporate office
      • Must be reported to the corp. office on the same day
    • Maintenance of company vehicle – have vehicle serviced by approved dealer on regular service schedule.
    • Maintenance of equipment including but not limited to:
      • Workstation station filter replacements
      • Desiccant dryer service and tune up
      • Compressor and generator – oil changes and regular service required
      • Must have all equipment serviced by approved locations (given through corp. office) when service is due.
      • Clean and Maintain interior of the van and/or warehouse