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  • 308 W Glenn, Tucson, AZ 85705, United States
Since our beginnings in 1952, Beacon Group has been committed to providing employment related opportunities to people with disabilities. We provide training, development and access to real work for a segment of our community that traditionally bears a 70% unemployment rate. We help people go from tax-supported to tax-payers.

In 2003, Beacon Foundation and Tetra Corporation merged to become the Beacon Group, and we now serve over 2,100 disabled persons a year. We provide a variety of employment related programs, as well as the education and socialization necessary for our clients to lead meaningful, productive lives.

Our workshops offer local businesses assembly, packaging, collating and document shredding services. We also employ offsite work crews that perform grounds keeping, clerical, assembly, automobile detailing, food service and custodial maintenance. To learn more about Beacon Group, please see our History page.