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Pawling Engineered Products, Inc.

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc. is a leading global specialty rubber products manufacturer. We produce highly specialized and innovative elastomeric products designed to withstand the rigorous requirements of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers, designers, engineers and new product developers. These customers rely on our inflatable and compression seals, gaskets, clamps and other specialty rubber products for a wide range of applications in dominant industries and emerging technologies.

Striving to be the best at what we do defines our culture. Offering customers cutting-edge technology, world-class engineering, deep materials understanding and close customer support is what sets us apart.  We are widely recognized for our responsiveness, flexibility and willingness to tackle customers’ tough applications challenges and for devising innovative solutions, from very practical to highly complex -- even for low-volume applications.

Our industry-leading inflatable sealing, clamping and actuating technology is rooted in a long, distinguished tradition of innovation.  In 1945, we opened our doors in Pawling, NY  as a small rubber extrusion manufacturer, initially making compression seals for military ammunition cases. Today, we play an integral role in critical operations across the healthcare, scientific, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor, nuclear power, aerospace, and food, chemical and materials processing industries.

We help customers incorporate better motion controls into bonding, cutting and conveyor operations. We make “gentle gripping” possible, from positioning doctor blades in paper processing equipment to clamping aerospace parts during bonding and riveting,