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Breccia Construction, LLC

Breccia (BRETCH-ee-uh) Construction was incorporated in 2014. We develop comprehensive site evaluations in the deep foundation and shoring industry. If your project involves earth retention, deep foundations, anchors, or solar, we can help. We are on our way to becoming the premier specialty contractor in our industry through our unique solutions, innovations, and experience. We have a tremendous amount of experience in the industry and we love to dig into a project and get it running smoothly and efficiently.

Breccia is unlike any other deep foundation and shoring company.  We offer real time solutions from the project planning phase by performing our own geotechnical reports and site investigations to ensure the system installed is ready to construct.  We help educate our clients in the many different aspects of deep foundation and shoring services during the bid phase of the project.  We believe a solid knowledge base during bidding gives a much appreciated peace of mind and confidence to the build team.

Both our management and our build team have many years of industry experience and bring with them a common goal: providing experienced educated solutions to the deep foundation and shoring industry while safely implementing construction. Our clients are always our focus, and with these goals in mind we help build cohesiveness and strong team camaraderie through all phases of the project.

At Breccia, safety is a commitment of the highest priority. It's importance is a constant highlight in everything we do. Educating our employees with safety training, seminars, and on the job experience is at the forefront of each project we participate in.