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Quality Car Wash

  • 304 43rd St Sw, Grand Rapids, MI 49548, United States
We are a family owned operation looking for good reliable and respectful employees and we feel that we would like to reach out to the most reliable and respectful people in this country and in a small way thank you ....

we have a convience store with 10 pumps and our bread and butter is our car wash a automated system that involves from our employees is to spray off brush the front bumper,windshield ,rear winshiled and rear bumper,while also putting a bag on rear windshield wipers..

this can be a real boring job in poor weather and do 20-130 cars a day to a crazy day where we do 600-800 cars it is all based on weather....i can work with just about any schedual and would love to give the oppertuinity to get out and work at your convience,