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Triangle Inc.

  • 420 Pearl St., Malden, MA 02148, United States
TriangleThrough support, challenge and opportunity, Triangle empowers
people with disabilities and their families to enjoy rich, fulfilling lives. We are committed to helping the world recognize that we are all people with ability.

We are always pushing the limits of opportunity. Triangle’s School-to-Career and Career Pathways program provides opportunities for youth with disabilities to establish and achieve their career goals. We have exceeded our goal and secured over 150 job placements last year!

We help people pursue careers. Our Career Services team helps people pursue and acquire competitive employment opportunities. Our Employment First initiative empowers trainees to move forward into community employment. We spark confidence. Self-efficacy enables our students connect with their community, become leaders, and lead healthy lives through our safe and active living program and our youth leadership initiative. An ensemble of choices though our Community Choices program provides unique opportunities for people of all abilities to engage in community volunteer positions. They are given the choice of participating in a wide variety of day activities including yoga and movement, music therapy, cooking and trips to local museums and libraries. We promote inclusivity.

The Accessible Icon Project (AIP) has transformed the current International Symbol of Access (ISA) into an active, engaged image that shows the world we are all people with ability. The Icon is stimulating conversation across the globe about inclusion, equal human rights, and opportunities for people with disabilities.
We encourage independence. 

Our ten community residences provide individuals with the level of caring support and companionship they need to live independent, dignified lives as active, engaged members of their communities. We believe partnership is essential. We partner with countless schools, universities, nonprofits, companies, families, advocates, health professionals, and friends to move forward in creating endless opportunities for people with disabilities. 

420 Pearl Street, Malden
Malden, MA 02148