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FedEx Ground specializes in cost-effective, small-package ground shipping, offering dependable business-to-business delivery and convenient residential services. We are looking to hire veterans whose experience and dedication will help us continue to grow and succeed together.

Here is how your military experience might help you succeed with FedEx Ground.

If you have experience in…

You might be interested in…

Aircraft Metals Technology

Electrician/Electrician’s Mate

Electrical System Technician

Utilities/Power Gen Equipment Repairer

Prime Power Specialist

Machinery Repair

Metal Worker

Allied Trade Specialist

Avionic and Survivability Equipment Repairer

Quartermaster and Chemical Equipment Repairer

Maintenance Technician

Electronics Maintenance Chief

Utilities Chief

Maintenance Supervisor

Prime Power Specialist

Maintenance Specialist

Maintenance Management

Administrative Specialist



Transportation and Logistics

Operations Coordinator

Operations Admin

Administrative Assistant

Front line supervision, such as: Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, Squad Leader

Operations Manager

Entry Level Roles

Package Handler