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Founded in 2007, Auction.com is the nation’s leading online real estate marketplace, having sold more than $34 billion in residential and commercial assets. Attracting buyers from more than 100 countries worldwide, the company serves a wide variety of real estate customers – from major financial institutions and institutional investors to individual consumers and real estate professionals. Auction.com's mission is to provide the most trusted online real estate marketplace, making transactions easier and more transparent.The company's senior management team boasts a unique combination of experience in real estate, technology, marketing and auctioneering, and is revolutionizing the way real estate is bought and sold by leveraging internet technology to streamline what has traditionally been a cumbersome, complicated and paperwork-intense process. Auction.com brings quality residential and commercial assets to the market, making prospective buyers aware of those properties through world-class marketing and leveraging state-of-the-art technology to conduct transactions in a more transparent, efficient manner.

Bringing buyers and sellers together on an easy-to-use and transparent platform that leverages the competitive bidding process provides an expedited timeframe for sales while yielding the true market value of any real estate asset, whether it be a luxury home, a multi-story Class A office building, an entry-level foreclosed home, or a self-storage facility. All of this is done in collaboration with buyers’ and sellers’ agents to ensure that everyone gets the information they need to ensure a satisfying experience and optimal outcome.

Auction.com has over 900 employees and headquarters in Irvine and Silicon Valley, Calif., as well as offices in key markets nationwide.. 

As a value-added service to real estate investors looking to increase their buying power, Auction.com also offers financing options through its subsidiary,Auction Finance.