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Wait4U Services

Wait4U Services is a Limited Liability Corporation serving Hamilton County Indiana. Our service provides a solution to a problem homeowners face frequently. The gap of time allotted to wait for a service provider or delivery to arrive is a common inconvenience when scheduling a service or delivery. Taking off work to wait at home for several hours isn’t always an option and for many the loss of income and productivity incurred is a problem with no clear solution until now.

We provide bonded and insured “waiters” to come to your home and do the waiting so you don’t have to. Once you’ve scheduled, you can forget about keeping track of your service or delivery time and let us handle the rest! Our trusted time savers arrive and oversee your service or delivery as they ensure the safety of your home and belongings. We offer easy scheduling online or by phone and we need as little notice as 3pm of the previous day.

Ex: Your pipes burst the day before an important meeting you can’t miss. No need to worry, schedule your choice of plumber and give us a call, a waiter will handle the rest!

Interested in applying, http://www.wait4uservices.com/become-a-waiter/