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Consistent with Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system, the treatment philosophy of Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Corp. (MAYS) is grounded in Balanced and Restorative Justice Principles. To this end, MAYS will be consistent with the public’s interest to provide programs of supervision, care, and rehabilitation for children committing delinquent acts. Our programs provide balanced attention to the protection of the community, teach children accountability for offenses committed, and enable children to become responsible and productive members of their community.

We believe the youth in our care are experiencing severe emotional, behavioral, psychological, educational, and social problems which must be treated in a safe, structured, and comprehensive manner. Left untreated, these youth will continue to experience significant impairment in life functioning, resulting in continued drug/alcohol use, mental impairment/illness, and delinquency. When residential care is deemed necessary, an intensive approach to treatment must occur. We believe residential care should be provided in close proximity to the youth's family, significant others, and community. This allows the youth and family the ability to receive family therapy and access continuing care support services that exist within their community.