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Workgeni.us is a worker first company focusing on delivery jobs. We partner with some of the biggest on-demand companies in the food, shipping and grocery space. 

We've been very keen on working with Veterans as our experience with Vets has been outstanding. Vets tend of be reliable, well spoken and eager to put in hard work. Most importantly: they stand by their words. If they say they're going to be there, they make sure they are. 

The job consists of:

  • Delivering goods/food/groceries and Valet parking throughout the day.
  • Using an app to receive orders, accept orders and use the GPS to drive to the customers destination.

How it works:

  • You give us your availability, the number of hours you want to work every week, what kind of jobs you're interested in (i.e. food delivery? shipping? valet parking?).
  • We prenegotiate with our partner companies on your behalf, making sure you get peak hour shifts and as many hours as you want. 
  • Use our app to receive your schedule

Why workgeni.us?
  • We pay +$1/hour bonus on top of your earnings if you are reliable
  • Always guaranteed shifts and peak hour pay
  • A whole team built around driver support
  • A worker-first company that cares about the ethics of work (read more here: http://www.goodworkcode.org/companies/)
  • Career progression opportunities within the company
  • Be part of a fast growing, excited team & company.
Interested in applying? Head over to our application form (or go here: http://goo.gl/forms/F32FqiTEH5) and fill out a few questions. We'll reach out for a 15m phone call and take it from there!

/AJ from workgeni.us