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Logistics Health Inc.

You are not looking for a job; you are looking for a career. You want to work for a company that motivates, fulfills and inspires you, while giving you a sense of connectedness with your community. Maybe you have young children, and you are looking for an organization that respects the importance of work-life balance and supports you and your family as you strive to achieve your health and wellness goals. Or maybe you are looking to relocate to a safe, supportive community in a beautiful setting.

Whatever your background, whatever your professional goals for the future, LHI won't be just another line on your resume. The official benefits of working here are many, but there is so much more.

Family Friendly

Our family-friendly atmosphere extends far beyond the ordinary. We offer relaxing, pleasant lactation facilities, childcare reimbursement, family-focused events for employees and an innovative health and wellness program. In addition, we proudly provide an on-location health clinic for employees and their families to use, free of charge.

Community Service

LHI is committed to community, a value you can see clearly reflected in the choices we make every day. We are dedicated to strategic job growth for the strength of our company and the city. We invest in community initiatives and charitable endeavors through planned giving and volunteerism, knowing whatever we give comes back to us in myriad ways. Check out our dedication to positive corporate citizenship.

Employee Focused

As a company, we recognize our employees are our most valuable resource. We have taken great strides to invest in you and to make sure your work here is more than enjoyable; its a meaningful. And whether you're stopping off at River Rocks Coffee for a quick cup before work, grabbing lunch at The Waterfront (an upscale restaurant on-location), or walking on wellness time in Riverside Park, you'll enjoy a stunning view of the Mississippi River. Soak it all in, reveling in the knowledge that as a company dedicated to community, we are here for the long haul. We hope you are too.