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I am looking for assistance in acquiring customers in Texas for free Solar plus there's 14 other states for Free Solar.  The part timers are paid per customer in an as earned basis.  The more lucrative minded people I will bring in as associates into my business. 
Either direction it's talking to people about something their already using, and out of 10 customers that you talk to about free solar 60-80% love the idea...(depends on the person doing the asking)
If starting out telemarketing from home talking to your warm market on a part time basis is what your looking for that's fine...how many people do you know that use electricity.  If that number was 100 people then how many more do they know?  How many more do they know out of the 14 other states?  It's to infinity.
"Think you can, think you can't; either way you'll be right."