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At gusto! WOOD FIRE GRILL we offer a simple menu of wood fire grilled proteins, combined with fresh and flavorful ingredients prepared daily. We create delicious meals and we serve them quickly so that you don’t have to compromise flavor and freshness for speed.

Two elements really make our food stand out: our gustos and our wood fire grill.


A gusto is one of many thoughtfully crafted blends of ingredients, adding to each entrée a distinct flavor profile and texture. Inspired by both international cuisine and familiar American flavors, gustos bring our food to life with freshness and flavor, not fat. Whether hot, bright, earthy or sweet, our menu of distinct gustos gives you the freedom to find the perfect flavor profile for you.

So when you order, and one of our team members asks you, “What’s your gusto?,” what they’re really asking you is what flavors you’re interested in enjoying today. But more than that, they’re asking “What drives your passion?” or “What catches your eye?” To us, gusto transcends food into many areas of life, because food, flavor and freshness is our passion. It’s our gusto!

wood fire grill

Our wood fire grill is the unique way we prepare our proteins, and we are the only restaurant in our category to cook with this technique. A wood fire grill is hotter than a traditional grill so it cooks quickly, not to mention, fills the restaurant with an amazing aroma! Trust us, it tastes better than it smells. Every gusto is infused with the rustic smoky flavor that only cooking with a real wood fire grill can bring.