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CWD GroupD

Provide excellence in service as a property and community management organization for condominiums and HOA associations in Seattle and Bellevue.  Our condominium and homeowners’ association Boards and owners are seeking smart, diverse, dynamic, time sensitive, people-oriented management solutions.  To provide that service, CWD Group cultivates an educated staff that values diversity, is passionate about internal and external customer service, and has fun working with our clients.

Retention speaks volumes, and CWD Group enjoys the highest staff and client retention in the industry.  Our first employee and our first client remain with the CWD Group family.  We attribute our success to a culture of caring and service.  Our staff is committed to CWD Group because we promote growth within the company, provide exceptional personal and educational benefits, have smaller than average portfolios, and offer higher than average compensation packages.  We refocus that staff commitment into superior management for our clients.