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L-3 Communications/ Logistics Solutions

About L-3

L-3: Success Defined

  • Agility: L-3's ability to respond and adapt quickly to the needs of our customers and the environment.
  • Innovation: L-3's drive for developing new technologies, new ideas, and new ways of thinking to deliver the best solutions for our customers.
  • Commitment: L-3's continual focus on quality, service and performance to meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

At L-3, success is defined by our ability to meet our customers' needs. That's why every part of our business is focused on quick and agile response, innovative thinking and a relentless commitment to getting the job done.

For more than a decade, L-3 has delivered superior performance to the U.S. government, our allies and leading corporations throughout the world. As a top ten defense contractor in the world, we know the critical role our products and services play in the protection and defense of freedoms worldwide. We take our responsibility very seriously, and we are privileged to support our customers and the men and women who get the job done.