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Snap-File was born out the IRS audit process when a 30 person, $4,000,000/year business was audited 3 times in a year. The first was entirely paper based and took weeks; the final was entirely digital and lasted only days, saving thousands of dollars. The leadership of this organization teamed up with some employees from the global leader in cloud content management after recognizing the small business operators’ need for an efficient and affordable paperless office. These small businesses do not have the resources or time to attack the problem on their own, nor do the cloud-hosting providers offer such a comprehensive service.

Snap-File is the answer by providing fast and effective workflow analysis, scanning services, cloud content services, strategic organization of content, and training solutions to ensure a successful deployment. Our goal is to introduce every small and medium sized business to this necessary evolution in enterprise technology without the fear of failure, however with an extremely low cost of entry.