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Tactical Corporation

We are seeking 10 exiting servicemen and servicewomen who would like to enter a paid 2 week class and field training program that will lead to relocation. This position requires all to be actively engaged in house and property repair. You will be sent to regional markets, such as Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN, and Edison, NJ to work for extended periods of time. We will provide all moving, housing, and transportation expenses and re-locate you as needed. 

Within your initial training and first few months at your assigned location, you will learn and understand how to work within our billing model and gain a thorough knowledge of our services. Once you have gained the necessary competency to train others, you will be promoted.

What we provide:
Housing, equipment, and national travel
Competitive and increasing salary plan with health benefits
Full training program
Hard work

What you provide:
Demanding physical and mental work
Residential construction knowledge or ability to learn quick
Relocation and travel
Cell phone, computer, and photo upload knowledge/capability
Must pass a criminal background check

Compensation Outline:
During the first stage, you will earn $4,000 per month
During the second stage, you will earn $4,500 per month
During the third stage, you will earn $5,000 per month plus performance bonuses
Once you have made it to and through the 3rd stage, you will typically earn $70-90k/year depending on location, skill, and performance. Candidates that make it through all stages will have access to our Leadership Development Program

Next Step:
Apply online at http://www.tacticalcorporation.com/joinus