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Freyssinet, Inc

Freyssinet, Inc has been at the forefront of providing specialized civil engineering technology, material supply and installation for projects large and small.

We form part of The Soletanche Freyssinet Group, a name respected worldwide for delivering innovative solutions and pushing the envelope of civil and structural engineering achievement.

Originally a specialist in post-tensioning, Freyssinet has successfully expanded its portfolio of products and services into staycables, structural cables, bearings, joints seismic devices, repair, protection and strengthening of structures. We specialize in diagnostic survey, repair, refurbishment, bridge bearings and cathodic protection of reinforced concrete in the building, civil and marine sectors.

Freyssinet operates as principal contractor, specialist subcontractor and supplier throughout the United States. Freyssinet is able to support the full product and services range with an in-house engineering design-team. Clients include major and specialist contractors, state DOT's, Local Authorities, and developers. Our office is located in Sterling, VA.